Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 207

1. Awesome was getting exactly the hair cut I wanted.

In April, I went to a salon and showed my hair dresser this picture:

Hair 1
The hair dresser asked me if I’d ever had a style like this before and I said no. While I’ve had a variety of basic inverted bobs over the past several years, I’ve never had anything that required more than just flat-iron straightening and a teeny bit of product. The hair dresser tried to persuade me into getting something a little “milder” (colour and style), in case I didn’t like it. She said I could “go bold” next time. I said that I wanted this style, as it would grow out eventually if I didn’t like it. Afterall, I only get to a salon once every 4-6 months. Reluctantly, she got to work on my hair. When she was finished, it looked very little like the style I wanted. She went “mild.

Yesterday, I’d decided to go to a different salon – one that I’d been to once before and liked, but never seemed to think of while making appointments. I showed my hair dresser the same picture, explained that I really wanted this style with, instead of red chunks (which, from my past experience, faded much too quickly for my liking), I wanted something brown/blonde-ish. My hair dresser was on board and enthusiastic – there was no trying to talk me out of it, which I greatly appreciated it.

A couple of hours later, I walked out of the salon looking like this and fully satisfied (I’m definitely going back to this salon from hereon out):

Haircut 1
2. Awesome was a multitude of compliments. I’ve never considered myself to have much of a sense of style, so it’s flattering to receive so many compliments on a style I chose for myself.

3. Awesome was help finishing a job that never seemed to end. Note to self: get things in writing!

100 Days of Awesome – Day 84

1. Awesome was finishing stage 2 of my sewing project. Today, I will finish them completely:


2. Awesome was successfully styling my new ‘do, and discovering new ways to make it look the way it’s supposed to look in the process (and getting some ideas for the next time). I’ve never been very good at styling my own hair, but observance at the salon the other day taught me a few of the things that I either haven’t been doing, or have been doing wrong.


3. Awesome was a great night out at the bar with friends – an entertaining night full of karaoke, laughs and a bit of dancing.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 82

1. Awesome was getting a funky haircut yesterday, complete with red foils:

Hair 1
Hair 2
2. Awesome was a hilarious girl’s night with my friend Amanda.


3. Awesome was another successful driving lesson, which took me out of my previously-established comfort zone and out onto some slightly busier backstreets within my neighbourhood. I also found myself having to pull into someone’s driveway, back out and turn around after I’d accidentally missed my turn and reached a dead-end. Not an easy feat, but I did it.

Cool 3