Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 147

1. Awesome, lovely and fun was a spring roll-making dinner party with friends – a new idea to bring to Kuujjuaq with me (along with sushi), to catalyze social opportunities.

2. Awesome was coming home from said dinner a bit later than planned, but pushing myself to work out anyway. It started off reluctantly, as I was both physically and mentally tired from a busy day. However, I did get through it, and even managed, about 1/4 of the way through, to actually enjoy it.

3. Awesome was a bit of a step back, which allowed for a great leap forward. The night before last, I spent a few hours sewing with my friend Mary. I made a bit of progress in the embroidering on my alirtiq, but I wasn’t sure if I liked what I’d done. Out of curiosity, I played around with some different stitches and found one that looked much nicer – much more professional. My original stitching looked amateur in comparison. I took it all out and started again with new stitching. I am now much happier with them.

4. Awesome was receiving an email with a photograph attached of my car at the port in the south. It’s now waiting for the sealift’s departure. Then it will be headed my way!


Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 146

1. Awesome was sharing a meal with a friend – slow cooked caribou meat with carrot, mushroom, onion and squash.

2. Awesome was an evening of sewing and laughs with my friend Mary at her house, and seeing my alirtiq really start to develop some character.

3. Awesome was going for a beautiful, sunny evening run and, just at the point that I had to push myself the hardest (maybe 20 minutes in, at the last bend in the road before the airport), the plane took off and a string of vehicles 10-long drove by. As I exchanged waves and smiles with each and every one of them, I imagined them cheering me on, encouraging me to keep running. It gave me the boost I needed to run right to the end.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 145

1. Awesome was another relaxing evening of sewing – this time in the comfort of my own home with calm, acoustic coffeeshop music playing on Songza and the delicious aroma of caribou stew wafting from my slow cooker. I also had a cup of arpiqutik tea, but I was so absorbed in my sewing that I forgot to drink it.

2. Awesomely surprising was a gift of caribou meat from a colleague – a big sign of appreciation that is greatly appreciated!

3. Awesome was getting to the Co Op just as they were unpacking the produce cargo. After a week of eating frozen blueberries and apples with my breakfast and for my snacks, I now have oranges, bananas and cantaloupe to switch things up.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 124

1. Awesome was waking up to the smell of goose slow-cooked with apple, onion and sweet potato. My house always feels homier when it’s permeated with the delicious aroma of home-cooked food.

2. Awesome was the enthusiasm and creativity my students poured into the first part of their written portion of the grade 6 regional exam. I look forward to reading the final products.

3. Awesome is kickboxing, and how strong it makes me feel.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 121

1. Awesome was losing 3.8 pounds after my first week seriously back on the Weight Watcher’s program – 12.4 pounds to go!

2. Awesome was a lovely dinner of slow-cooked goose and all the fixin’s with friends.

3. Awesome was a simple solution to a nagging and somewhat worrisome problem. Also awesome are pain-free workouts.

For awhile now, I’ve been getting shin splints during workouts. I’ve tried a variety of things that have helped a bit (resting, cross-training, changing workout space, being sure to wear good workout socks, using elastic bandages and putting ice on it often), but after a couple of months, it still hadn’t gone away completely.

Recently, I ordered workout-specific insoles from Amazon and have been using them over the past few days. I feel a huge improvement already – far more than any of the other remedies that I’ve tried.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 115

1. Awesome was an entire afternoon of prep time (many teachers are away for training, so I was able to change my students’ schedule yesterday to fill the gaps, thus moving my prep periods to the end of the day). I cleaned, organized, prepared rubrics and samples for the projects we’re both working on and about to begin, as well as marked the projects I’d been meaning to mark for awhile.

2. Awesome was a successful second day on the weight watcher’s plan, and the self discipline I was able to exercise throughout the day.

3. Awesome was the workout that I really didn’t feel like doing – until I got there. As I’d said before, my motivation is waning and my enthusiasm for marathon jump roping in my living room as pretty much been sucked dry after a long winter of doing it. Weather-wise, we’re at the point now that, while we do get the occasional beautiful day, we’re getting very strong winds, thus making running outside anywhere from torturous, to impossible. To get around my indoor workout-related funk, I’ve been going to the school and working out in the gym. Not only is the change of scenery nice, but leaving my house and going to a place specifically to work out is a huge motivator.

100 Days of Awesome – Day 59

1. Awesome was daylight savings. Yes, it sucked losing an hour of sleep, but it was worth it to see it still light out at 6:30 PM.

2. Awesome was going for a run and seeing one of the secondary students running. It’s awesome to see young people doing healthy things, especially in a place where supports for such things are few. It was also inspiring – I found that I ran faster and harder than I do when I’m the only one on the road, and at the end, I felt even better.

3. Awesome was the batch of healthy muffins that I baked yesterday morning, with a few dark chocolate chips sprinkled throughout:

2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 cup of oatmeal
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of oil
2 eggs
1 cup of milk
1 cup of grated apple
1 cup of grated carrot
1 cup of chopped cranberries
Dark chocolate chips to taste (I put about 1/2 cup)

4. Awesome was catching up with friends yesterday evening on the telephone, over and interesting and extremely encouraging conversation.