Dose of Awesome # 280

Another school year is rapidly drawing to a close. My days have been full of marking, paperwork, report cards, slowly packing up my classroom, and various end-of-year events. One and a half weekends, eight teaching days, and two pedagogical days stand between now and summer vacation!

1. Awesome is completing a new drawing – Ookpik.


2. Awesome was receiving a new custom-made parka. It’s for the fall, but we’ve been blessed with weather cold enough to allow me to wear it (even though it’s June).

3. Awesome was receiving letters and chocolate from our pen pals in Switzerland. I’m sad that I won’t be able to continue this project with the same students, but am hoping to do so with my new ones in the new school year. In the meantime, we wrote post cards (which I’d printed on card stock with photos I’d either take myself, for found on the internet).



Dose of Awesome # 232

1. Awesome was surviving what was literally one of the most demanding endeavours I’ve ever involved myself in. And not only that, I did so with some great memories, a desire to do it again next year, and some ideas as to how I can help it run more smoothly if I do. Le Grand Dèfi Pierre Lavoie took myself, another teacher (from Kangiqsualuujjuaq), and 30 secondary students from 5 villages on the Ungava Coast of Nunavik to Quebec City this past weekend. From there, we ran the 270 kilometres to Montréal relay-style.

After an opening ceremony, we began our relay at approximately 8 AM Saturday. We ran constantly as a team until about 7 PM – when we took a 3-hour break in Trois-Rivières. Then we started up again and ran straight through the night, until approximately 5 PM the next day.

Kuujjuaq 116Team Nunavik in Quebec City

Kuujjuaq 119Team Nunavik on the news.

Kuujjuaq 113Team Kuujjuaq

Kuujjuaq 115The relay

2. Awesome was reaching a new record – running 20 kilometres in 2 days – thanks to Le Grand Dèfi.

3. Awesome was one last snowshoeing adventure of the season, before everything melted away literally within a couple of days. I’ve definitely found a new passion.
Kuujjuaq 108

4. Awesome was the end to that “too soggy to hike but no snow to snowshoe” phase of spring, and a 4-hour hike on the land yesterday afternoon.

Kuujjuaq 121


Dose of Awesome # 230

Spring is coming!

Last time I’d written, it was the dead of winter. I was halfway through the toughest part of the year – the two month stretch which, in the past, has been riddled with seasonal depression and cabin fever. Only this year, I braced myself for something that, to my surprise, never really came. Sure, I was tired. I craved sunlight. I craved a bit of warmth. And, I craved for just a hint of moisture in the air. But, compared to my last three winters as an Arctic dweller, this one was a breeze.

The weather’s been getting better, but today’s weather was amazing. The temperature rose to something like -5 degrees Celsius. I spent it walking on the Kotsoak River with friends.

1. Awesome was this near-two hour walk:

Kuujjuaq 87
Kuujjuaq 88
Kuujjuaq 89
Kuujjuaq 90
Kuujjuaq 94

2. Awesome was a quiet and relaxing March Break in Kuujjuaq. I’d decided not to travel this March break for a few reasons (to save money, to save my flight for Easter weekend, when weather should be less sketchy, and to just enjoy a week of hanging out in Kuujjuaq). I’m so glad I did. The week was filled with reading, napping, knitting, potlucks, and even a bonfire. Yes, it would have been nice to travel, but this is exactly what I needed.

3. Awesome was the opportunity to go to the premiere of a movie that was filmed in Kuujjuaq a couple of years ago – Maïna. Maïna is an Innu woman who follows the Inuit north after a battle between the two tribes, so that she can rescue her captured brother. It’s a story of love, loss, loyalty and acceptance, and I definitely recommend that you see it if you can!

4. Awesome was watching Team Canada kick ass at the Olympic gold hockey game over breakfast with friends – even if it required waking up before 6:30 AM.

5. Awesome was an amazing Valentine’s day and six month anniversary celebration with my boyfriend – complete with flowers and champagne!

And (though I have more to write, I’ll have to save it for next time as I have an episode of The Walking Dead and someone waiting for me),

6. Awesome was mine, and my students’ hard work paying off as they came in first place for their level at the Jaanimmarik School Science Fair!



Dose of Awesome # 229

A month and a half. A new record.

I’ve been missing my blog. I’ve been missing the pleasure of writing over a cup of coffee while soaking under the rays of my happy lamp. Note to self: try harder to take the time to do this.

1. Awesome was turning my longing for my own fun little hobby into a great little project for my students.

The other day, I spotted a children’s story about the 100th day of school on a library shelf. I took it to read to my students sometime during the week, feeling both surprised and bad that I’d entirely forgotten to keep track of the days of school with them (a 100th day of school celebration is something I’d done every year since I started teaching).

After reading the story to them, we decided to count the days of school that we’ve had so far, and continue counting from there. And like the characters in the story, we decided to start a collection of 100 things – 100 AWESOME things.

We started this project during yesterday’s Personal Social Development (PSD) class – a class I am using currently to teach them about the power of positive thinking. I told my students about my own personal mission awesome, and then asked them to each write 1 or 2 sentences about things that are awesome in their own lives (some wrote 4 to 6!). Then, I typed them up, printed them off and mounted them on coloured paper on our classroom door.

We’re not yet halfway near 100, but we have a great start! I will post a photo when it’s done.

2. Awesome was receiving my new parka yesterday after school – my parka which Canada Post told me was still in Montréal, and not due to arrive in Kuujjuaq until February 6th! To top things off, it’s perfect!


3. Awesome was baking bannock with my students Monday afternoon.

4. Awesome were a number of evenings with friends since I’ve returned from Christmas vacation – from poker and board games nights, to girl’s nights, to dinner parties and nights out at the lounge, it’s been kind of nonstop, just like it was when I first arrived in Kuujjuaq.

5. Awesome is how much fun my boyfriend and I have when we cook together :). And now I know how to make crêpes!

6. Awesome was an amazing New Year’s vacation in Toronto together – during which we:
-Spent an entire morning at the Royal Ontario Museum
-Spent another at the Art Gallery of Ontarion
-And another at the Hockey Hall of Fame
-Shopped in the Kensington Market
-And the St. Lawrence Market
-And Chinatown
-Went on a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery (and got free beer!)
-Ate authentic Chinese food
-And Greek
-And all-you-can-eat Japanese
-Saw a production of Evil Dead: The Musical
-Went to Allen Gardens
-Partied with my friend Alex and her friends on New Year’s Eve
-Saw my bro Anthony
-Stayed in a beautiful hotel in the centre of the city (with a free upgrade to the suite with a fireplace!)

Kuujjuaq 79
Us at Hurley’s Irish Pub in Montréal the night before taking the train to Toronto for vacation (one of the few photos I took the entire trip. Haha).

7. Awesome was the fact that, despite the facts that neither of us have ever really traveled with anybody in a long time, and it was our first time traveling together, this was one of the most stress-free trips I’ve ever taken. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation with somebody.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 226

My posts are dwindling. Days seem to be shrinking, yet they seem to be getting busier. After one of my more challenging weeks, what better way to start a well-deserved weekend than to force myself to just sit down with a cup of coffee (the first I can actually savour in weeks), and process the awesome of the past little while.

1. Awesome and fun, but a bit scary was the opportunity to learn how to shoot a rifle at the sand pit last weekend. I can now check that off my list of new things I’d like to try here. Other such items include para-skiing, flying in a helicopter, and learning how to sew a parka and kamik.

Kuujjuaq 60

2. Awesome was a slew of positive messages I received this week after some really difficult days of teaching. Also awesome was the degree of help and support I’ve been offered and given. I can honestly say it’s what got me through the week. Nakurmiik.

3. Awesome was an afternoon of making suvalik for my students yesterday afternoon – a treat they’d earned over the past few months with their teamwork and cooperation. It didn’t turn out quite right – it lacked the creamy consistency that well-made suvalik has – but it did taste like it and the kids liked it. Next time, their treat will be bannock and tea.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 225

1. Awesome is the tundra, and a 5-hour Thanksgiving Day hike. Nakurmiik for the opportunity. Also awesome is a 3-day stretch of sunshine.

Kuujjuaq 58

2. Awesome was celebrating Thanksgiving last night with a huge feast at a friend’s house.

3. Awesome was a huge country food feast on Thursday evening, courtesy of Kativik School Board and the kind hunters and fishers who provided an abundance of arctic char, mattak (beluga), seal, caribou and mussels – much of which I had tried before. However, it was that evening that I tried misirak (aged seal fat, in which some people like to dip raw meat) for the first time.

Kuujjuaq 59

4. Awesome was seeing all of my friends from other villages again, as this past week was the Ungava Coast regional pedagogical days for which teachers flew from all of the villages along the coast to attend workshops in Kuujjuaq. Some, I’d seen just 2 months ago, when I first arrived in Kuujjuaq (it happened to be during orientation week and Aqpik Jam). However, others, I hadn’t seen since last year, as returning teachers didn’t need to be in Kuujjuaq, unless they were just passing through on their way to their respective villages (and unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them all as they passed through).

5. Awesome was being able to welcome many friends from other places into my home on Tuesday night for a sushi dinner party – including Mary, Maina, Sarah and Jessie (three friends/old colleagues from Tasiujaq whom I’d not seen since I left in June).

Kuujjuaq 57

6. Awesome was the opportunity to attend some very informative, and very productive workshops, including a full day workshop on differentiation, during which I was able to plan an entire unit (which I will be doing next term with my students) for Social Studies, an afternoon on teaching English and the writing process, as well as a 90-minute workshop each on making and using creative Math manipulatives, and Social Studies projects.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 223

Well it’s about time I sit down and scrounge up the awesome of the past two weeks.

1. Awesome was a fantastic sushi dinner party with lots of friends at my house last night, as well as dinner with friends Thursday night, and last Saturday night, as well as a brunch potluck with friends two weekends ago. I think I’ve eaten more meals with friends these past few weeks than I have alone.

2. Awesome was a Friday evening of board games and tonnes of laughs with friends.

3. Awesome was an afternoon of berry picking out on the land with all of the elementary students on Friday afternoon. With the sun shining for the first time in forever, it was the perfect way to top off a busy week of school, meetings and training.

Kuujjuaq 52

Kuujjuaq 53

4. Awesome was the opportunity to attend an extremely informative two-day training session about the effect of trauma on the brain, and the need for compassionate schooling. The training really put a lot of things into perspective and, done well, I can see the implementation of a compassionate approach to education being quite effective.

5. Awesome was, after months of anticipation, receiving my beautiful pair of custom-made seal skin kamik, sewn by Annie Kauki from Tasiujaq. Nakurmiimarialuk! 


6. Awesome was a girl’s night – complete with delicious food, nail polish.

7. Awesome was celebrating my 3-year quitting smoking anniversary (on September 20th)!

8. Awesome was a night out on the town with friends last Friday evening.