Dose of Awesome # 247

1. Awesome was not only finishing my first drawing contract, but also finishing the most challenging portrait I’ve drawn thus far – 6 people standing in front of a fully decorated Christmas tree, from a photo that not only printed darkly (is darkly a word?), but was made even darker by the fact that 5 out of the 6 people were dressed head-to-toe in black (or dark grey). It took awhile, but this contract both kept me busy over the past few months, and made me close to 300$. Not too shabby for a hobby :)

2. Awesome was receiving my new bread maker (which I ordered after a third consecutive trip to the grocery store in search of baguette or something of the sort, to find that the only bread product in the entire store was a stale bag of pitas. I took my bread maker for a spin yesterday, and made a delicious loaf of honey whole wheat bread to go with the chili that I also spent yesterday afternoon cooking.

3. Awesome was sharing said bread and chili with my boyfriend and friends before we watched the hockey game yesterday evening.

Dose of Awesome # 246

1. Awesome was selling another print. I wouldn’t be able to make a living off of it, but it feels good to earn a little extra spending money off of something that I love to do as a hobby.

2. I don’t know what’s more awesome – the story of the polar bear that made a brief “appearance” in Kuujjuaq Thursday evening, or the fact that the story was not true.

I signed onto Facebook Thursday evening to see a polar bear alert for the village, on the village’s local page. Within the hour, my news feed exploded with statuses from fellow Kuujjuamiut about it. Friends went on polar bear sighting adventures, Aqpik Road bustled with hunters, police and rangers driving out to find it, and the mayor went on the FM more than once to report on the situation.

It turned out to be a false alarm (for which I am thankful, as I don’t think I’d feel comfortable going on a hike or out snowshoeing again had there really been a polar bear)..

3. Awesome was another fantastic potluck with friends, full of conversation about travelling, trekking, and Iceland. It’s still awhile away, but last night, my upcoming, yet far off trekking trip to Iceland began to feel real.

Dose of Awesome # 245

1. Awesome was selling my first print.

In the 16+ years I’ve been drawing, I’ve never had a print made of my work, nor have I put any of my drawings for sale.

Not only did I sell my first print, I’ve had requests for more. Nothing like a little boost of inspiration!

2. Awesome was receiving my new glasses, after literally one month’s wait. Nothing instills patience like waiting for mail in the North.

3. Awesome is teamwork, and the positive changes you can see when a strong team comes together wih an equally strong action plan.

Dose of Awesome # 244

1. Awesome was an evening of drinks with friends to conclude a very trying week.

2. Awesome was celebrating a birthday with lots of friends on Saturday evening.

3. Awesome was having my boyfriend back in Kuujjuaq, and spending a lovely evening together eating raclette and playing The Walking Dead board game.

4. Awesome was not only speaking lots of French this weekend both Friday and Saturday nights, but doing so with much more automaticity and ease than just a few weeks ago.

Dose of Awesome # 243

1. Awesome is it being the weekend. There are a million and one reasons why this week was not an easy one in the classroom – it being the first week back at school, and a short one at that, being among them. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for this weekend to recharge my batteries and prepare myself for next week, which, God willing, will be a bit easier.

2. Awesome is breaking out my gym membership for the first time in at least 2 months (I’d taken a break and decided to do some cardio/yoga at home, as I was getting bored of the gym). It was refreshing to be back, and nice to see all those familiar faces that I only ever really see at the gym.

3. Awesome was signing onto my online banking and actually seeing my credit card not only paid off, but with extra credit. This is the first time in a year and a half. And my goal is to keep it that way on a monthly basis.

Dose of Awesome # 242

1. Awesome was a smooth return to Kuujjuaq and, despite the fact that I didn’t want my vacation to be over, a smooh return to teaching.

2. Awesome are 3 years of income tax refunds, all at once. Goodbye credit card debt, hello RRSP and Iceland! Even more awesome is that there’s a bit more to come.

3. Awesome is a plan for the new year, which will keep me a whole lot more organized, and healthier from now on.

Dose of Awesome # 241

1. Awesome was ringing in the new year with a mix of both new and exciting, and quiet and relaxed. I was never one to go crazy on New Year’s Eve. Usually I spend it with a few close people doing something on the mellow side of things (like karaoke at a quiet bar or getting together at a friend’s house). This year we went to a birthday/New Year’s Eve party where I met more people, got to practice my French a little, and had my first ever smoked meat sandwich. We slipped out a little before midnight and took a taxi back to where we were staying, and rang in the new year quiety, just the two of us.

2. Awesome was a lovely few days in Quebec City with my boyfriend, where we spent an afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, ate delicious Greek food, and saw Wild (a movie about a woman who does a solo through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail – based on the novel by Cheryl Strayed) at the movie theatre. I also bought myself a new pair of hiking boots (as I had to retire my Asolos in Austria this past summer), and had an amazing full-body massage.

3. Awesome is the fact that I not only made it safely from Quebec City to Montreal (the weather hasn’t been very nice the past few days), but also that I am able to stay at a quiet, comfortable hotel for the night, rather than spend my evening at the crowded and chaotic airport, as many flights have been cancelled and delayed today. I hope everyone gets to their destinations without much more delay!