Dose of Awesome # 275

March Break is coming to an end. Tomorrow is a pedagogical day, and Tuesday, it’s back to school. I am back at home in Kuujjuaq, where the temperature hovers around -30 degrees Celsius, the sun is shining, and the snow is no less plentiful and white than it was when I left ten days ago. It’s the kind of perfection that I appreciate all the more after a week full of rain, slush and mud in New Brunswick.

1. Awesome was the feeling of walking into a spotlessly clean home, and unpacking after ten days of living out of a backpack in various places. Though I’m certainly grateful for all the hospitality I’ve been offered during my vacation, this is a pretty awesome feeling.

Also awesome was finally being able to play my violin, which I’d decided to leave behind because I didn’t have a definite plan of accommodation for my trip to New Brunswick.

2. Awesome was a trip to my home town which included everything and almost everything I’d hoped for. Filled with many delicious meals and cups of coffee with friends from elementary school, high school, and university, it was truly a walk down memory lane.


My friend Amanda and I at dinner.

3. Awesome was also being blessed with the opportunity to visit my old university town (a place I hadn’t been to in ten years), browse through the Moncton Farmer’s Market, do a bit of shopping, have a massage, go on a little hike, see a movie, and go out for karaoke.


Posing with my first Tim Horton’s coffee of the vacation, and the giant lobster in Shediac, New Brunswick, on the way to have lunch in Sackville.

Mel’s Tea Room, from the booth in which I spent many afternoons and evenings writing philosophy essays and reading. 

The train bridge on the Tantramar marsh at the end of Bridge Street – location of many a muddy adventure, my first winter camping experience, and lots of hours reading and writing at the edge of e broken bridge. 


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