Dose of Awesome # 272

Since September, I’d been working on the weekends as a waitress in the restaurant in town. Waiting tables is something that I enjoy. I enjoy the social aspect of it. I enjoy the way it feels at the end of a very busy night, when you can sit down and bask in the satisfaction of getting through a demanding night of nonstop running, with few-to-no mistakes. And, of course, I enjoy the tips.

But at a time in my life when self-care is a little extra important, a part-time job on top of a full-time teaching job is just a little too much. A few weeks ago, I decided to give up my waitressing job for the sake of having just that much more time to focus on resting and doing the things I love. I made sure to do tons of that this weekend

1. Awesome is having an entire weekend – yes, two whole days – to play my violin, make art, be with friends (for a dinner on Friday, and a brunch this morning), and go snowshoeing. I also took a wonderful nap.


A sunny Saturday afternoon of snowshoeing.

2. Awesome is having completed another class collection of 100 awesome things before the 100th day of school. Each year since moving to Kuujjuaq, I began a collection of 100 awesome things with my students on the 90th day of school. On the 100th, we put them up and celebrate being 100 days smarter with a pizza party and games. This is our collection this year:


3. Awesome is finding drawing inspiration after months of artist block. This one might take awhile, but so will everything it stands for. I am excited by the symbolism that this project holds.

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