Dose of Awesome# 270

Happy New Year!

It is my last day of a two-week vacation in Toronto. After a difficult couple of months and a sudden, last-minute change of holiday plans, I came to Toronto for what turned into a fantastic two weeks of fun, healing and relaxation both by myself, and with a variety of friends from some of my favourite stages of my life.

As I sit here digesting an excessive Chinese hot pot lunch, and fight the urge to take an early-evening nap, I thought, what better way to begin a new year than re-visit my blog of awesome. Here are some of the things I’m thankful for as of late:

  1. Awesome was the opportunity to spend time with so many friends from various parts of my life. I had dinner with Ashley (a friend from my first year in Tasiujaq), Melissa (a friend with whom I worked in the Yukon), Alex and Anthony (my close friends from my undergrad), Tresa (a friend from Kangirsuk), and Jenny (a friend from Kuujjuaq). Some of them I hadn’t seen in a really long time (it’d been 8 years since I’d last seen Melissa!
  2. Awesome was the opportunity to not only meet Amelia and Katherine – Alex and Anthony’s wonderful twin babies – but to spend 3 entire days with them during my time here.
  3. Awesome was lots of time and space to enjoy many of the things that make me feel good – working out, massage therapy, journaling and reading. I am thankful for time in nice caf├ęs with a cup of great coffee and time to write or read a good book. I also went to see 3 movies in the little theatre beside my hotel.
  4. Awesome was being welcome with open arms for Christmas dinner at Anthony’s parents’ house. Even though it’s been 10 years since they’d met me (and last seen me), they were happy to include me in their family gathering, and for that, I am thankful. And…
  5. Awesome were relaxing evenings with a glass of wine and much-needed conversation to help me understand better some heavy things.