Dose of Awesome # 268

With the music turned up, we concluded our day on Sólheimajökull glacier with a two hour drive back to the city of Reykjavik. Upon being dropped off at Hlemmur Square, we all went our separate ways, for the first time since the start of the trek, to do our respective things. I chose a solo walk around the city, a quiet dinner, and a bit of souvenir shopping.

Walking from the restaurant along Laugavegur (the main shopping street), I saw a familiar face. As we passed, we each did a double-take, followed by a loud, dramatic greeting as we realized we knew each other. It was Krisha, a woman with whom I’d trekked in the Dolomites in Italy last summer. She was in Reykjavik and beginning the Laugavegur trek the following morning. What are the odds?


Krisha and I in the Dolomites last year.

The following morning, Krisha and I had breakfast together before she departed for her first day of the trek, and I met my group for our last. It was so nice to catch up, despite how little time we had together.


Gulli picked us up at 10:00 am for a short drive to the town of Hveragerði, where we spent the morning and afternoon hiking in the Hellisheiði mountain range and soaking in the volcanic water running from Hellisheiði. It felt amazing on our tired, aching muscles.

Refreshed and smelling like sulfur, we ate our last picnic-style lunch together in the field at the foot of the mountain before driving back to Reykjavik, where I spent the rest of the afternoon souvenir shopping and eating Icelandic ice cream with Vlad, the Polish-Torontonian member of our group.


I topped off my last day in Iceland with a farewell dinner with the group at Þrír Frakkar Hjá Úlfari – the restaurant where I tried my first fermented shark, smoked puffin breast, and fin whale. Several courses and lots of laughs later, I walked the quiet streets of Reykjavik back to Hlemmur Square to finish packing and rest up for my early flight back to Montréal.


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