Dose of Awesome # 267

We woke up in the morning at Básar and packed up our camp one last time. We were finished the Laugavegur trail, and were on our way to do different things.

Surrounded by mountains of gear, we stood watching the bus slowly bumping over the lava and splash through streams as it approached us. The bus took us a scenic hour’s drive to a nearby town where we met up with Ævar, who would drive us the rest of the way in a private jeep, and help guide us on a walk on Sólheimajökull glacier.

At the foot of the glacier, we strapped on helmets, harnesses and crampons and set out with our ice axes on a slow and informative walk through the icy landscape. Caves, crevices and beautiful ice formations spread out around us as far as the eye could see.



After some time, Gulli and Ævar scouted around for a good crevice to set up ropes and show us some basics of ice climbing. We each got to try. I have to say, they made it look so easy.



I lowered myself down into the crevice, and posed for a photo that made it look like I knew I was doing. Then I began the not-so-graceful scramble back up. Though I had no trouble with the ice axes, the biggest challenge for me was kicking the teeth of my crampons into the ice well enough to hold me up without using every last ounce of upper body strength. My biggest fear was losing all grip, smashing my face into the icy side of the crevice, and pulling Gulli down into the dark and ice-watery depths. Fortunately that didn’t happen.


After each of us had tried our hand at ice climbing, we continued our walk and eventually concluded at the same place we’d started, where we removed our gear and enjoyed a quick lunch at Sólheimajökull Café before a 2 hour drive back to Reykjavik (with a stop at Skógafoss).


Though our adventure was not over, we would finish our second-last day with dinner in a restaurant and relatively luxurious sleep at Hlemmur Square hostel.


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