Dose of Awesome # 265

Upon sitting down to write this post, I realized I’d mistakenly posted today’s photos along with yesterday’s. I didn’t take any photos at Emstrur, as I was so wrapped up in the luxury of a hot shower, a warm and cozy dinner tent and a good book. Also, for the sake of conserving my dwindling camera battery, I thought it smart to be a bit more selective of what I do photograph.

We packed up our camp and set out for Þórsmörk on what was supposed to be a fairly flat 19 kilometer hike into Básar. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to enjoy a day full of satisfying inclines.

We were faced with descents a bit steeper and lengthier than the days before, and after awhile, I, for the first time since arriving in Iceland, was starting to feel the pain of a foot I’d fractured a month before. However, some tape and an ice cold river crossing did the trick.

We’d witnessed a change of scenery again, as we’d entered moss, birchwood and shrub-covered terrain. Along the way, I’d discovered the world’s most beautiful washroom.




Though it did sprinkle a bit in the afternoon, we were able to get through the entire day sans rain gear. We were even able to enjoy a lengthy lunch and nap on a plateau overlooking the canyon.

It was a day completely lacking any concept of time. Not once did I wonder what was happening outside of what immediately surrounded me. It was nice to be completely disconnected and satisfied with the moment.

Básar, beneath two majestic glaciers, became my next favourite camping spot, after Àlftavatn.



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