Dose of Awesome # 264

You’d think that hiking an entire day through dark terrain, covered in black sand, under black clouds would be depressing. It was beautiful, in an ominous way.




Craving a bit of quiet and solitude to go with the scenery, I stopped for a few extra photography breaks for the sake of falling just far enough behind the group that I could hike at a good pace, but keep my solitude for awhile. It was a good day for thinking.



The weather held out until lunch. We quickly ate our lunch standing up, then hiked in the rain the rest of the way to Emstrur – where we would camp for the evening. It was a light, but persistent rain, but it went perfectly with my surroundings.


Fifteen kilometers and two river crossings later, we arrived at Emstrur and set up our tents just as the rain cleared up and the sun came out. While some enjoyed a walk to the Markarfjlótsgljúfur canyon, I took the opportunity to shower and enjoy more solitude with tea and a book (which I’d bought at the Boston airport but hadn’t had much time to read since arriving in Iceland).

We topped off our evening with a delicious dinner of barbequed lamb steaks, salad and soup, and stories of Iceland’s 13 Santa Clauses.


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