Dose of Awesome # 250

1. Awesome is the moment a trip starts to really feel real. Today, I experienced that moment when I booked my flight to Reykjavik, Iceland!

2. Awesome is feeling healthy and in control. Two weeks ago, after straying away from it ever so gradually over the past year and a half, I re-familiarized myself with Weight Watchers. Thankfully, there’s not a whole lot of damage to be undone, but I do want to go back to practicing more strictly some of the healthy habits I’ve let slide. I’ve tried to do this before, but never got very far – letting loose a little more after forgettig each attempt.

This time, however, I’m determined. I feel it is going well.

3. Awesome is a new and exciting challenge.

I enjoy what I am doing in my job. I’ve been teaching grade 6 for four out of my five years of teaching (two years in a multilevel class setting, and two grade 6 alone). However, after some thought, I decided that I would really enjoy teaching grade 4. I feel that the style of teaching required to teach a younger grade better fits my personality and my own style of teaching, and I feel like the challenge of changing tasks comes with good timing.

So, I put in the request – learning just before my vacation started a little over a week ago, that my request was approved.


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