Dose of Awesome # 248

1. Awesome was a brief, but much needed vacation in Montréal. I wanted to save some money for my upcoming trek in Iceland, but needed a few days in the city, so I took 4 of my 12 days of March break to go “south”. I got a haircut, had a massage and a manicure, did some shopping, took care of some less exciting appointments, and ate delicious food with friends. Now I’m back in Kuujjuaq, ready to spend the rest of my holiday snowshoeing, reading, cooking and making art.


2. Awesome is a quick comeback after a long break from the gym. I grew bored of doing the same old cardio, lacked motivation to walk to and from the gym in -50 degree temperatures, and craved a change of scenery. I took to doing yoga at home. Over time, however, I grew bored of that, too. Not to mention, I could sense my cardio endurance waning (which will do me no good come trek time).

Recently, I returned to the gym, and it feels so good to be running again. I’ve been running in intervals. I started a few weeks ago with jogging 2 minutes/walking 1 minute at an incline of 2, for 40 minutes. I increased both the speed and the length of time jogging each week. Now I’m at jogging 5 minutes/walking 1 minute. Next, I plan to increase the incline, as I find the intervals not only give me a better workout, but they definitely break up a run and make it less boring (because, I’m not going to lie, running on a treadmill is really boring).

3. Awesome is getting more requests to have portraits drawn. I just finished another, and have 3 more requests pending.

I also finished another portrait – a portrait of my aunt, who passed away over Christmas. I drew it fo a gift for my mom.



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