Dose of Awesome # 247

1. Awesome was not only finishing my first drawing contract, but also finishing the most challenging portrait I’ve drawn thus far – 6 people standing in front of a fully decorated Christmas tree, from a photo that not only printed darkly (is darkly a word?), but was made even darker by the fact that 5 out of the 6 people were dressed head-to-toe in black (or dark grey). It took awhile, but this contract both kept me busy over the past few months, and made me close to 300$. Not too shabby for a hobby 🙂

2. Awesome was receiving my new bread maker (which I ordered after a third consecutive trip to the grocery store in search of baguette or something of the sort, to find that the only bread product in the entire store was a stale bag of pitas. I took my bread maker for a spin yesterday, and made a delicious loaf of honey whole wheat bread to go with the chili that I also spent yesterday afternoon cooking.

3. Awesome was sharing said bread and chili with my boyfriend and friends before we watched the hockey game yesterday evening.


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