Dose of Awesome # 241

1. Awesome was ringing in the new year with a mix of both new and exciting, and quiet and relaxed. I was never one to go crazy on New Year’s Eve. Usually I spend it with a few close people doing something on the mellow side of things (like karaoke at a quiet bar or getting together at a friend’s house). This year we went to a birthday/New Year’s Eve party where I met more people, got to practice my French a little, and had my first ever smoked meat sandwich. We slipped out a little before midnight and took a taxi back to where we were staying, and rang in the new year quiety, just the two of us.

2. Awesome was a lovely few days in Quebec City with my boyfriend, where we spent an afternoon at the Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, ate delicious Greek food, and saw Wild (a movie about a woman who does a solo through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail – based on the novel by Cheryl Strayed) at the movie theatre. I also bought myself a new pair of hiking boots (as I had to retire my Asolos in Austria this past summer), and had an amazing full-body massage.

3. Awesome is the fact that I not only made it safely from Quebec City to Montreal (the weather hasn’t been very nice the past few days), but also that I am able to stay at a quiet, comfortable hotel for the night, rather than spend my evening at the crowded and chaotic airport, as many flights have been cancelled and delayed today. I hope everyone gets to their destinations without much more delay!


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