Dose of Awesome # 236

I went snowshoeing this afternoon with some friends. It was -33 degrees Celsius with windchill (and winds blowing at least 50 km/hour). We managed, most of the time, to be hiking away from the wind. However, we couldn’t avoid walking into the wind for ever.

1. Awesome was the moment, after 30 minutes of hiking blind, that my glasses unfrosted – revealing a world in which I would no longer trip over my own two feet every third step; in which I was no longer forced to move in slow motion, and could hike at a normal pace. Despite the cold, it was a beautiful 3 hours of snowshoeing.

Kuujjuaq 173


Kuujjuaq 174

2. Awesome are spontaneous funny theme nights with my boyfriend. Like meatloaf and Meatloaf.

3. Awesome is a lucky streak. I’m not one to buy lottery tickets or play BINGO. I never go to casinos, nor do I really gamble in any other way. On the rare occasion that I do, however, purchase raffle tickets or enter my name into a draw of some sort, I never win. However, this week I did. Four times – three 50$ gift certificates (one for the restaurant and 2 for the local art store), and a card with a 50$ bill inside. Perhaps I should try my luck more often.


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