Dose of Awesome # 233

1. Awesome is being on summer vacation. I’m blessed with eight solid weeks of relaxation, creativity and adventure, which I will divvy my time between Kuujjuaq, Italy and Austria. My plans for this summer include lots of drawing, studying French (I recently purchased all five levels of Rosetta Stone français, and have just finished two and a half of them), hiking on the tundra, hiking mountains, reading copious novels, and then topping things off with Aqpik Jam (Kuujjuaq’s big annual music festival) and new teacher orientation in August.

2. Awesome was finishing a new drawing – and what’s awesome about this particular drawing is that I drew it from a photograph that I took myself. Thus, I’m free to make prints (which I’m actually in the process of trying to do) for selling.

Ummimak 2

I’m currently working on another – a portrait of a woman and baby that I took in Ollantaytambo, Peru, in 2011.

3. Awesome was an evening spent recently with new friends, not only eating delicious food, but also having the opportunity to relive some fond and entertaining memories of my travels around Canada (particularly the Yukon and Northwest Territories), and to hear, from the others, some tales of their own.

And since I meant to publish this a few weeks ago (procrastinator, I am), awesome was another similar evening, spent with more new friends.

4. Awesome was moving into my new house. Until recently, I’d been living on a slightly rundown, poorly soundproofed bottom apartment in a complex of four. Used to living in the big duplex in Tasiujaq (with my very quiet neighbour), I struggled to adjust to hearing every footstep and pin drop (amplified tenfold) above my head.

Now, I live in a lovely two bedroom house – not even a duplex, but a house – kept sparklingly clean and well maintained by the previous tenant. Seizing the opportunity to move as soon as possible, I spent the better half of two days packing, and only one unpacking. Since, I’ve found great joy in just spending time here, doing all the things that I do – something I’d not really been able to do at the other place.