Dose of Awesome # 230

Spring is coming!

Last time I’d written, it was the dead of winter. I was halfway through the toughest part of the year – the two month stretch which, in the past, has been riddled with seasonal depression and cabin fever. Only this year, I braced myself for something that, to my surprise, never really came. Sure, I was tired. I craved sunlight. I craved a bit of warmth. And, I craved for just a hint of moisture in the air. But, compared to my last three winters as an Arctic dweller, this one was a breeze.

The weather’s been getting better, but today’s weather was amazing. The temperature rose to something like -5 degrees Celsius. I spent it walking on the Kotsoak River with friends.

1. Awesome was this near-two hour walk:

Kuujjuaq 87
Kuujjuaq 88
Kuujjuaq 89
Kuujjuaq 90
Kuujjuaq 94

2. Awesome was a quiet and relaxing March Break in Kuujjuaq. I’d decided not to travel this March break for a few reasons (to save money, to save my flight for Easter weekend, when weather should be less sketchy, and to just enjoy a week of hanging out in Kuujjuaq). I’m so glad I did. The week was filled with reading, napping, knitting, potlucks, and even a bonfire. Yes, it would have been nice to travel, but this is exactly what I needed.

3. Awesome was the opportunity to go to the premiere of a movie that was filmed in Kuujjuaq a couple of years ago – Maïna. Maïna is an Innu woman who follows the Inuit north after a battle between the two tribes, so that she can rescue her captured brother. It’s a story of love, loss, loyalty and acceptance, and I definitely recommend that you see it if you can!

4. Awesome was watching Team Canada kick ass at the Olympic gold hockey game over breakfast with friends – even if it required waking up before 6:30 AM.

5. Awesome was an amazing Valentine’s day and six month anniversary celebration with my boyfriend – complete with flowers and champagne!

And (though I have more to write, I’ll have to save it for next time as I have an episode of The Walking Dead and someone waiting for me),

6. Awesome was mine, and my students’ hard work paying off as they came in first place for their level at the Jaanimmarik School Science Fair!