Dose of Awesome # 228

It’s been more than a month, you say? Better late than never…

1. Awesome was buying my first carving. Even more awesome was getting it 25% off in a Christmas sale. I’ve been itching to buy a carving since I first stepped foot in the North, but can never bring myself to fork over the money it takes to get a nice one. Turns out, Christmas-time is the time to look for them!

Kuujjuaq 75
Ookpik by Jimmy Angnatuk

Kuujjuaq 77
2. Awesome was celebrating the holidays with my awesome colleagues last night at the Auberge Kuujjuaq Inn – complete with an amazing surf n’ turf buffet dinner, dj, party games and great prizes.

Kuujjuaq 69
It’s an awkward cropping job, but it was hard to find a good place to take the photo. This is me, dressed up and ready for the party.

Kuujjuaq 70
“Sorority sisters” ready for the party. 

3. Awesome was laying in the snow in my back yard and watching the Northern Lights dance above my head. This is something I’m able to do most nights…but simply don’t remember to do a lot of the time, unfortunately.

Northern Lights

4. Awesome was receiving my new guitar in the mail (something that I may have written about in my last post of awesome), and getting tonnes of practice in over the past few weeks. I’ve learned so much!