Dose of Awesome # 227

I’ve accepted the fact that my doses of awesome will likely not be daily again – especially given the arrival of the new toy that’s been taking up all my spare time. But every so often when the mood strikes me, I’ll post a dose of awesome for the sake of keeping this blog alive.

1. Awesomely entertaining was celebrating Halloween with my students in costume (something I whipped together in the span of about 15 minutes).

Kuujjuaq 61

2. Awesome was pumpkin carving with friends.


3. Awesome was a perfect date last Saturday – a walk on the beach, homemade fancy dinner and a night at the movies.

Kuujjuaq 63
Kuujjuaq 64
4. Awesome was finally getting around to ordering a new guitar (a fairly inexpensive Fender acoustic with all the fixin’s), and even more awesome was receiving it just 2 days later! With new-found inspiration, and someone to help me learn, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that I’ve come farther along in my playing than I did in the many years I tried to teach myself.

5. Awesome was a long weekend, and spending it with someone awesome.