Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 225

1. Awesome is the tundra, and a 5-hour Thanksgiving Day hike. Nakurmiik for the opportunity. Also awesome is a 3-day stretch of sunshine.

Kuujjuaq 58

2. Awesome was celebrating Thanksgiving last night with a huge feast at a friend’s house.

3. Awesome was a huge country food feast on Thursday evening, courtesy of Kativik School Board and the kind hunters and fishers who provided an abundance of arctic char, mattak (beluga), seal, caribou and mussels – much of which I had tried before. However, it was that evening that I tried misirak (aged seal fat, in which some people like to dip raw meat) for the first time.

Kuujjuaq 59

4. Awesome was seeing all of my friends from other villages again, as this past week was the Ungava Coast regional pedagogical days for which teachers flew from all of the villages along the coast to attend workshops in Kuujjuaq. Some, I’d seen just 2 months ago, when I first arrived in Kuujjuaq (it happened to be during orientation week and Aqpik Jam). However, others, I hadn’t seen since last year, as returning teachers didn’t need to be in Kuujjuaq, unless they were just passing through on their way to their respective villages (and unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them all as they passed through).

5. Awesome was being able to welcome many friends from other places into my home on Tuesday night for a sushi dinner party – including Mary, Maina, Sarah and Jessie (three friends/old colleagues from Tasiujaq whom I’d not seen since I left in June).

Kuujjuaq 57

6. Awesome was the opportunity to attend some very informative, and very productive workshops, including a full day workshop on differentiation, during which I was able to plan an entire unit (which I will be doing next term with my students) for Social Studies, an afternoon on teaching English and the writing process, as well as a 90-minute workshop each on making and using creative Math manipulatives, and Social Studies projects.


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