Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 222

1. Awesome was coming together with the community for a 5 k run to raise awareness of diabetes. Beginning at Kuujjuaq’s Northern Store, and led by one of KRPF’s officers, myself and a number of participants ran the pre-marked route around the village. Despite the wind and the fact that it was the first time I’d run since early August, it felt amazing to run again.

Kuujjuaq 48

Me, after running 5k, at the “finish line” with some colleagues 🙂

Kuujjuaq 49

Jaanimmark School teachers and some of their family.

Kuujjuaq 50
Some of the participants after the run. 

2. Awesome was ending one of the more exhausting weeks of teaching, training and staff meetings not only with an absolutely enjoyable day in the classroom, but also with a delicious 3-course meal (cream of squash soup, arctic char with rice and roasted vegetables, and chocolate mousse) and a glass of red wine with friends. This was followed by a pleasantly interesting night of watching movies with another friend.

3. Awesome was an evening drive to the end of the Road to Nowhere, followed by 2 hours reclined in the front seat of my car at the marina, watching the northern lights, admiring the stars, and chatting with a friend.

4. Awesome was a fantastic brunch this morning with friends.

5. Awesome is the fact that, after 2 weeks of being closed (and, thus, being forced to work out at home), the Kuujjuaq Forum and its fitness centre has now re-opened.


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