Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 221

Saturday’s berry picking and muskox sighting adventure left me wanting more. So, on Sunday morning, I gathered some friends, and together we drove up the Road to Nowhere (a road which, turning left after the dump, takes you all along the bay past scattered cabins and long stretches of barren tundra to a point which, maybe 20 kilometres north, just stops).

1. Awesome was another morning of berry picking, which yielded another 3 to 4 cups of fresh arctic blueberries.

While some of my friends ventured off onto the tundra with the hopes of seeing some furry tundra beasts, I spotted some movement on a nearby hill, between the trees. With the zoom of my digital camera, I confirmed that it was muskoxen. Curious, we made our way, in a giant half-circle, toward them in a way that kind of closed in on them (though not enough to make them feel threatened) so that they were less likely to wander away.

2. Awesome was getting within maybe 25 metres from 4 of the beautiful creatures. I watched them, and photographed them for quite awhile.

Kuujjuaq 44
Kuujjuaq 45
Kuujjuaq 47
Kuujjuaq 46

3. Awesome was an incredible amount of help and support when I needed it. Nakurmiik.


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