Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 220

My doses of awesome are not so daily anymore. I’ve considered making them weekly. But eventually, I’ll be forced to spend my dark, cold winter mornings sitting in front of my SAD lamp, and I figure I’ll be thankful for a little something fun to pass the time. For the time being, my doses will be sporadic.

1. Awesome was a little afternoon hike last Monday (which I had off from work because it was a holiday). My friend and I drove to the same place I’d camped last Saturday night. I parked the car and we hiked out past where I’d set up my tent. There was a trail there. It only went a few kilometres past where I’d camped, so we hiked up the little mountain overlooking the lake, ate lunch, and then had fun bush-wacking our way to the top of various hills.

Kuujjuaq 37

2. Awesome was dinner with friends afterward.

3. Awesome was a morning of berry picking, despite rain showers. In about an hour, I picked maybe 3 cups of blueberries. I plan on going back tomorrow 🙂

Kuujjuaq 38

4. Awesome was a little hike out onto the land to see some muskoxen (ummimak).

After berry picking, my friends and I wanted to go to some shops in town, but had a bit of time to kill before anything opened. We decided to go for a little drive. Along the way, one of my friends spotted some dark, moving figures atop a rock in the distance. Without binoculars, but using my camera’s zoom, we discovered that it was a herd of muskoxen. We decided to park the car and hike out to get a closer look.

As we approached, we got an awesome view of them. Then they started moving away, off of the rocks (along which we were hiking) and down onto the tundra. At one point, we stood their just looking, and wondering where they’d gone. We couldn’t see them, but could hear them grunting so loudly and intensely. It sounded like they were right beside us. They were on the other side of the rock.

After a few moments, they came into view again, and we watched as they grazed away.

Kuujjuaq 39

Kuujjuaq 40

Kuujjuaq 41


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