Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 217

1. Awesome was a smooth and successful meet and greet at school. Yesterday morning, at 10:30 am, students and parents gathered in Jaanimmarik School’s gym to kick off the new school year. Speeches were made by the mayor, commissioner and principal, the staff was introduced, and students were called up one class at a time to line up and go to see their respective classrooms. 

My little grade 6 class consists of 12 students – 6 boys (one of whom I’d taught for a year and a half in Tasiujaq) and 6 girls. They’re an energetic bunch, and I anticipate we have a fun year ahead 🙂

2. Awesome was being given the opportunity to be the union representative of the school this year. It’s something that I did in Tasiujaq last year and the year before and, though it was challenging, it was a huge learning and professional growth experience. And with 2 years’ experience, some training under my belt now, and the incredible support of the union people with whom I have and will continue to work, I feel fully prepared to do it. 

3. Awesome was a lovely evening in with someone awesome, celebrating a successful first day of school and just enjoying each other’s company.


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