Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 214

With my house pretty much in order,  I figured that yesterday’s quiet afternoon would provide perfect opportunity to spend some time in my classroom, setting up. I drove down to the school immediately after eating lunch (a little earlier than 12:00, as I’d both woken up early and gone to the gym). Just as I arrived, all the teachers, released from their respective orientation sessions, gathered outside to wait for the bus. They were going for a picnic on the land.

I was invited – an offer I gladly accepted purely for the social opportunity and the chance to be outside. Thus,

1. Awesome was an afternoon on the land with all of the new teachers.

Kuujjuaq 12
After everyone had finished eating, two Inuit women gathered everyone together to announce an activity. Teachers would be split into two teams, each given a tupiq (traditional Inuit tent) to put together. I’m not sure if this was a contest, or just a team building activity, but it was fun.

2. Awesome was this little cultural experience, and to partake in a some of the orientation activities (I was hired late in the school year in 2010, thus I didn’t get to do any of this stuff).

Kuujjuaq 13
Me and our tupiq.

Kuujjuaq 14
Team tupiq.

After the picnic and activities, as new teachers gathered in the tupiq for a final orientation workshop (throat singing lessons!) I drove back to the school to work on my classroom a little bit. A plan to stay one hour turned into 2.5 solid hours of work.

3. Awesome was getting started, and making good progress on my classroom – thus putting me a little bit ahead of the game for Monday (the first of two pedagogical days before students arrive).

4. Awesome was an evening full of great music at Aqpik Jam, a quiet drink with friends at the Kuujjuaq lounge, and dancing to Dida Heilmann and her band from Nuuk, Greenland rock out at the Kuujjuaq bar, and then watching the fireworks close the festival.

Kuujjuaq 15
Simeonie, Zebedee and Jeannie at Aqpik Jam.

Kuujjuaq 16
Dida Heilmann and her band at the Kuujjuaq bar.


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