Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 213

1. Awesome was a fun night out at the Kuujjuaq lounge.

2. Awesome was the opportunity to meet new people – tonnes of new people. Five days ago, in need of someone who could help me with my car troubles, I began my search at the hotel. There, I got talking to one of the women who was working at the front desk.

My request for help turned into conversation, which turned into an invitation to last night’s festivities. It turns out, last night was her last one in town, so it was a sort of a goodbye party, but there were plenty of other people there for me to meet who are staying.

3. Awesome was a workout at the gym, which I had all to myself. While part of the reason I opted to get a gym membership was for the social aspect, it is nice to neither have to wait to use the one elliptical in the room nor feel rushed to get off of it. I’m sure this will change soon, as I’ll be back to work and forced to go before or after work hours (when everyone else is there), so I’ll savour it for the time being.


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