Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 212

Well Kuujjuaq is quickly feeling more and more like home. I seem to be past all the little hiccups, and seem to have accomplished all of the little transitional things involved in moving to a new place. As exciting as the whole process is (despite the frustrations), now I can really just savour the awesome.

1. Awesome was acquiring a gym membership – a 10 month gym membership! After 3 years in a village with no gym, where I had to be very intrinsically motivated and very creative in order to continue to work out regularly throughout my time in Tasiujaq, I decided to treat myself to this.

Kuujjuaq 2
2. Awesome was putting some finishing touches on my home. Now I can post photos!

Kuujjuaq 5

Dining room.

Kuujjuaq 7
Living room.

Kuujjuaq 6

Kuujjuaq 8

Kuujjuaq 9
Bedroom (I’m still waiting for some picture frames to arrive, in which I will frame some of my art and some photos and hang them up).

3. Awesome was an evening of live entertainment (comedy and music) at Aqpik Jam (Kuujjuaq’s annual music festival).

Kuujjuaq 10
The stage, just before the show started.

Kuujjuaq 11
I even got to indulge in a cup of suvalik 🙂

Afterward, I took some of the new teachers out for a little drive to see some arsaniit (northern lights). They were faint, but they were arsaniit nonetheless (later on, however, I looked out my bedroom window and saw vivid green ones dancing over the hill. Now I know to go a bit later).


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