Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 210

I am at the airport in Montreal, extremely early for my flight to Kuujjuaq (so early, in fact, that I arrived at my gate before the flight before mine even started boarding. Needless to say, I am excited. And I just wanted to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee without the thought of soon having to go through the whole rush of airport check in looming over me).

I don’t know when I will have the internet after I take off. Thus, I don’t know when my posts of awesome will resume. But, if my move to Kuujjuaq goes anything like I hope it will, I suspect that there will be no shortage of awesome taking place.

1. Awesome was reassurance. Yesterday, as I sat in my Moncton apartment, all packed and eagerly awaiting my 6 pm flight to Montreal, the skies opened up and let out several disconcerting rumbles of thunder and a whole lot of rain. I worried that my flight would be canceled on account of the lightning. Growing more and more stressed and unable to stand it any longer, I called a cab an hour or so earlier than I really had to leave, and went to the airport. Seeing all the other people milling around, waiting and boarding planes, and watching the planes take off reassured me.

2. Awesome was take off, and on time at that!

3. Awesome was arriving in Montreal to a message that put a smile on my face šŸ˜€


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