Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 203

1. Awesome was a shopping spree for my new house in Kuujjuaq (where I’ll be in just 7 days!). Seeing as absolutely everything I’d had in my house in Tasiujaq over the past 3 years were either purchased from for cheap at Walmart or the Dollar Store just before moving there, or from several years before that (a lot of my stuff, I’d used in university), I felt it was time for new, nice things. I bought all new dinnerware, flatware, cookware and bakeware, bedding, bathroom decor, and tonnes of picture frames (including six 16×20″ poster frames for the photo collages I had made from each of my trips).

2. Awesome was finishing said shopping spree in my pyjamas, from the comfort of the couch I barely left yesterday on account of the headache and nausea that, thank God, seems to be gone today.

3. Awesome was a bubble bath and a good book. It’s been months since I’ve had a bubble bath (last time was in a jacuzzi in my hotel room on the way back to Tasiujaq after my Easter vacation in April), and while it wasn’t the most comfortable, it did soothe my achy post-Tree Go, post-hike muscles.


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