Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 200

1. Awesome was a streak of bad shopping luck that led to finding exactly what I wanted.

In need for a new pair of rain boots, I originally wanted a pair of Bogs (this pair, to be exact). After visiting every store in Moncton that carries this brand, I discovered that not only are these boots nowhere to be found, neither is any other that I liked even remotely.

Hoping to find something at least half as awesome, I spent part of yesterday afternoon visiting all the other shoe stores in Moncton. I found a pair of these at a local sporting goods store and, after trying them on and a bit of pondering, decided that they were at least half as awesome. Interested, but in need of a different size (which they didn’t have at that store), I continued on my search at any store that might carry Muck Boots. No luck.

In the end I gave up, came home and was about to settle on a pair online. I called to place an order with Cabela’s. Then, upon learning that they ship much cheaper than expected to Kuujjuaq, I decided to put my order on hold, call Bogs, and see what it would cost to ship the first pair to me in the North. I’d originally decided not to order online, as it states clearly on their website that shipping to remote regions costs an extra arm and a leg, but I thought I’d call to make sure. It turned out that Kuujjuaq is not considered remote enough to require charging an arm and a leg; to Kuujjuaq, they would ship for free!

No settling for something half as awesome for this gal.

2. Awesome was finishing a frustrating job.

3. Awesome was coming home to a box of persimmons – my expensive, and very hard to find favourite fruit!



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