Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 175

1. Awesome was the third time and it being a charm. After the previous day’s passport photo fiasco, I’ve finally managed to obtain a photo deemed “perfect” by the fine folks at Moncton’s Service Canada. Here’s to hoping that the even finer folks at Passport Canada feel the same way.

2. Awesome was having my feet pampered at the spa. After almost 10 months of wearing winter boots, I finally have my summer feet. Beach, here I come!

3. Awesome was another opportunity to drive. Two, actually. In the morning I had driving practice with my instructor. The day’s lesson took me around some more back streets (to practice turns), onto Berry Mills and Homestead Roads (to practice driving fast, and lane changes), onto Mountain Road (to practice driving in heavy traffic) and back onto some more back streets (to practice turns again). The evening’s practice was much the same, minus the highway.

4. Awesome was an evening out dancing with friends.

Me 3
Ready for a night of dancing with friends!

iRock 3
 Some friends and I out on the town 🙂



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