Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 200

1. Awesome was a streak of bad shopping luck that led to finding exactly what I wanted.

In need for a new pair of rain boots, I originally wanted a pair of Bogs (this pair, to be exact). After visiting every store in Moncton that carries this brand, I discovered that not only are these boots nowhere to be found, neither is any other that I liked even remotely.

Hoping to find something at least half as awesome, I spent part of yesterday afternoon visiting all the other shoe stores in Moncton. I found a pair of these at a local sporting goods store and, after trying them on and a bit of pondering, decided that they were at least half as awesome. Interested, but in need of a different size (which they didn’t have at that store), I continued on my search at any store that might carry Muck Boots. No luck.

In the end I gave up, came home and was about to settle on a pair online. I called to place an order with Cabela’s. Then, upon learning that they ship much cheaper than expected to Kuujjuaq, I decided to put my order on hold, call Bogs, and see what it would cost to ship the first pair to me in the North. I’d originally decided not to order online, as it states clearly on their website that shipping to remote regions costs an extra arm and a leg, but I thought I’d call to make sure. It turned out that Kuujjuaq is not considered remote enough to require charging an arm and a leg; to Kuujjuaq, they would ship for free!

No settling for something half as awesome for this gal.

2. Awesome was finishing a frustrating job.

3. Awesome was coming home to a box of persimmons – my expensive, and very hard to find favourite fruit!



Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 199

1. Awesome was finally receiving my new passport. Put to rest are my concerns that just after I return to the North, a letter will arrive in Moncton explaining that my passport photos are no good, despite the fact that I’d had them re-done a million times already. Eliminated are the chances that my passport will get lost in the mail as it is re-directed to me in Kuujjuaq. I am free to travel out of the country should I so please, and I am thankful that I don’t have to do this for another 10 years.

2. Awesome was a conversation that made me smile.

3. Awesome was, in the middle of a rather uneventful and rainy day, making exciting plans for later in the week.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 198

1. Awesome was an early morning run – the first since I’d left Tasiujaq 5 weeks ago. I’d forgotten what a challenge it is to run in the humidity, and yesterday, with 92% humidity, I was immediately reminded. Pouring sweat within about 3 minutes, I was on my way through my usual route, which turned into a 7.75 kilometre run from my house, to my old elementary school, around the subdivision behind it, and back home. As difficult as it was, however, it felt great.

2. Awesome was finding another novel through which I could hike vicariously – Becoming Odyssa: Adventures on the Appalachian Trail by Jennifer Pharr Davis. After finishing Wild, I was craving another story of a woman’s adventure on a trail like the Pacific Crest or Appalachian trails, and this fit the bill perfectly.


3. Awesome was playing chauffeur – something I’ve been told I’ll get tired of someday, but for the time being, as a newly licensed driver without a car, I’ll take any opportunity I can get to drive.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 197

1. Awesome was reaching a new personal best – 2600 stairs in 32:05! To think that just a few weeks ago, I thought that doing it in 35 minutes would be physically impossible!

2. Awesome was finishing a good book – “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. This book is about a woman who hiked over 1100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail (the national scenic trail that runs from the Mexican to the Canadian border).

As much as I don’t like finishing a good book, I do like it because this means I’m free to start a new one!

3. Awesome was finding, and purchasing a new, actually waterproof, bona fide rain coat. After Tuesday’s adventures hiking in the pouring rain (which wasn’t bad at all except for the fact that it was with about 10 more kilometres left to hike that day that I learned that my rain coat wasn’t actually waterproof), I decided it’s time to buy a new one. Yesterday, I bought a North Face Venture Shell jacket, which is said to be made to withstand even the fiercest of rainstorms. Here’s to a future of dry hikes together.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 196

1. Awesome was passing my road test and getting my driver’s license!

2. Awesome was a new personal best, again – 2600 stairs in 32:48 (down from 33:28).

3. Awesome was a thundershower and a good book – such a great combination.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 194

1. Awesome was being told that I’m ready, by the same person who, just last week, doubted my readiness.

2. Awesome was a lunch date with a good friend, at my favourite restaurant.

3. Awesome was when someone following through on their word – someone who, in the past, has often not.