Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 168

1. Awesome was a fast, successful shopping trip. The longer I live in the north, the more I come to dislike shopping – especially when I have to sift through clothing racks for hours until I find something that suits my tastes. Usually when I go to the mall, I go with an idea of what I would like to buy (yesterday, it was dark denim jeans, and a funky print cowl-neck tank top to wear under a black shrug I’d purchased sometime last summer). I walked into one store and, within minutes, found the jeans; I walked into another store and, within another minute, found the perfect top. I was literally in and out in less than 10 minutes. That’s my kind of shopping!

2. Awesome was a spontaneous coffee/lunch date with an old friend.

3. Awesome was an evening of dancing. The last time I went dancing in a club was 2 years ago in Cusco, Perú; the last time I was in a club in Canada was in 2009, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia; and, the last time I was in a club in Moncton was several years before that. However, not much has changed (not even the music). It was a fun change of pace.


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