Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 161

1. Awesome was sharing a lovely meal with all of my colleagues to conclude yesterday’s ped day, as well as another school year. Nakurmiimaarialuk to all of you for all of your team work, hard work and support throughout the school year. I wish everyone a fantastic summer vacation!

2. Awesome was receiving this thoughtful little thank you gift – beaded kamik earrings made by Lucina Cain.


3. Awesome was making a new friend – another connection in Kuujjuaq!

4. Awesome was chatting with, and watching as a bunch of Inuit ladies sewed tents at the culture centre yesterday evening. Also awesome was witnessing real, unstaged throat singing (anytime I’d heard throat singing before, it was part of a concert or a cultural show. This time, it was out of the blue and for the fun of it, which made it all the more authentic and cool).


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