Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 155

1. Awesome was another hike on the land. Yesterday’s hike took me along the same route as the weekend before, only it was an hour longer, as I’d chosen to explore one additional mountain prior to turning away from the bay, into the valley and heading toward Mae’s Lake.

June 15th 2
This is me atop one of the many little mountains that I went up. Unlike every single other one, this one had very red rock which, I’ve been told, has a lot of iron ore.¬†

2. Awesome was a change in weather forecast. Environment Canada had predicted a disappointing weekend of rain and snow – far from ideal for my last weekend in Tasiujaq. However, Mother Nature was on my side yesterday as the sun shone and the land remained dry enough for me to go on one last hike. It was a bit windy and cold (hovering just above 0 degrees Celsius), but it was nothing that this gal can’t handle.

3. Awesome are fathers, and awesome was my father in his own unique way. Happy Father’s Day Dad. I love you and miss you.


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