Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 147

1. Awesome, lovely and fun was a spring roll-making dinner party with friends – a new idea to bring to Kuujjuaq with me (along with sushi), to catalyze social opportunities.

2. Awesome was coming home from said dinner a bit later than planned, but pushing myself to work out anyway. It started off reluctantly, as I was both physically and mentally tired from a busy day. However, I did get through it, and even managed, about 1/4 of the way through, to actually enjoy it.

3. Awesome was a bit of a step back, which allowed for a great leap forward. The night before last, I spent a few hours sewing with my friend Mary. I made a bit of progress in the embroidering on my alirtiq, but I wasn’t sure if I liked what I’d done. Out of curiosity, I played around with some different stitches and found one that looked much nicer – much more professional. My original stitching looked amateur in comparison. I took it all out and started again with new stitching. I am now much happier with them.

4. Awesome was receiving an email with a photograph attached of my car at the port in the south. It’s now waiting for the sealift’s departure. Then it will be headed my way!


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