Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 141

1. Awesome was a morning campfire. Even more awesome was that I not only tried my hand at making a fire for the first time, really (we had a wood stove in our cabin in the Yukon, but I was never the one making the fires), but I was also quickly successful.

Camping 2
Giving it a go.

Camping 3
I did it!

Camping 4
Proud and warming up by my fire.

2. Awesome was a day of hiking and biking on the land – so rejuvenating!

Camping 7
Hiking up to the Mae’s Lake.

Camping 13

It was a wee bit soggy.

3. Awesome was a bit of a fishing adventure.

Camping 9
My pualuuk and fishing line.

Camping 11



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