Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 134

1. Awesome was another productive morning of cleaning and packing. Gradually I’m getting everything ready for my move to Kuujjuaq and my summer vacation in the Maritimes, and I’m able to do it so gradually that it doesn’t really feel like extra work at all.

2. Awesome was another spontaneous hike in the mountains and on the land, despite wind and periodic flurries and freezing rain.

Today 2Aqiggiq (ptarmigan) on the tundra.

Today 3Nirliq (snow geese flying overhead)

Today 4I call this “Toupee Mountain” because…well…it looks like it’s wearing a toupee.

3. Awesome were both a mid-hike snack picnic on a hill in the tundra (my friend surprised me with a delicious home-made cranberry date granola square) and a post-hike hot chocolate at my friend’s house.


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