Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 125

1. Awesome was an interesting cultural experience.

Yesterday after school, my friend took me to the community freezer, where we found a bunch of freshly killed ptarmigans available for taking. She offered me some, which I gladly accepted (I love trying new food), and we made plans to meet later in the evening to go out on the land so she could teach me how to pluck and clean them.

The weather turned out too windy and cold to comfortably clean them on the land, so we went to her house instead. We spent the evening plucking and cleaning our ptarmigans (her, literally 3 times faster than I) and sharing many a good laugh over my comical qallunaat squeamishness.

Ptarmigan 3

2. Awesome was finding a great big dark chocolate bar in my mailbox yesterday evening. It’s my favourite, but impossible to get in Tasiujaq. Nakurmiik Mom!

3. Awesome was a hilarious chat with a friend. It was one of those conversations where someone makes a joke, and everything that’s said afterward snowballs in hilarity – intentional or not. I was literally laughing out loud.


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