Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 121

1. Awesome was losing 3.8 pounds after my first week seriously back on the Weight Watcher’s program – 12.4 pounds to go!

2. Awesome was a lovely dinner of slow-cooked goose and all the fixin’s with friends.

3. Awesome was a simple solution to a nagging and somewhat worrisome problem. Also awesome are pain-free workouts.

For awhile now, I’ve been getting shin splints during workouts. I’ve tried a variety of things that have helped a bit (resting, cross-training, changing workout space, being sure to wear good workout socks, using elastic bandages and putting ice on it often), but after a couple of months, it still hadn’t gone away completely.

Recently, I ordered workout-specific insoles from Amazon and have been using them over the past few days. I feel a huge improvement already – far more than any of the other remedies that I’ve tried.


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