Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 116

1. Awesome was going to the Co Op and finding several boxes of juicy, red strawberries – a rarity!

2. Awesome was an inside joke – the source of many laughs yesterday.

3. Awesome was seeing the extent to which my students have grown as writers. Until now, writing has been a huge challenge for them. To make matters more difficult, most of them resist the writing process like it’s the plague. Brainstorming is like pulling teeth,  and editing usually results in a few broken pencils and a lot of frustration. They hate making mistakes, but they hate going back to fix their mistakes even more.

A few days ago, I’d given them each an envelope with a picture of a monster inside. Together, we brainstormed all the words we could use to describe our monsters. Yesterday, I had them put their brainstorms into words – they were to write 10 sentences (the first 7 describing their monster, 1 telling where it lives, 1 telling what it eats and 1 telling what it likes to do). Not only did my students cooperate entirely as we worked yesterday, they wrote their sentences relatively independently. Some even finished their draft yesterday. This is definitely a breakthrough – an awesome experience for any English teacher.


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