Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 115

1. Awesome was an entire afternoon of prep time (many teachers are away for training, so I was able to change my students’ schedule yesterday to fill the gaps, thus moving my prep periods to the end of the day). I cleaned, organized, prepared rubrics and samples for the projects we’re both working on and about to begin, as well as marked the projects I’d been meaning to mark for awhile.

2. Awesome was a successful second day on the weight watcher’s plan, and the self discipline I was able to exercise throughout the day.

3. Awesome was the workout that I really didn’t feel like doing – until I got there. As I’d said before, my motivation is waning and my enthusiasm for marathon jump roping in my living room as pretty much been sucked dry after a long winter of doing it. Weather-wise, we’re at the point now that, while we do get the occasional beautiful day, we’re getting very strong winds, thus making running outside anywhere from torturous, to impossible. To get around my indoor workout-related funk, I’ve been going to the school and working out in the gym. Not only is the change of scenery nice, but leaving my house and going to a place specifically to work out is a huge motivator.


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