Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 139

1. Awesome was packing for this weekend’s little camping excursion. Nothing brings on the feeling of an impending adventure more than breaking out my big pack and filling it with all my camping necessities.

2. Awesome was a run, despite the fourth consecutive day of crummy weather.

3. Awesome was a relaxing yet productive evening in, cooking, reading and sewing. I cooked a bit of bannock for today, as well as a bean pasta salad for the camping trip. I read the first three chapters of my new book (And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Housseini), and I finished the “base” stitching of my alirtiq – now I get to learn how to do the embroidery and make them beautiful.


Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 138

1. Awesome was, through trial and error, figuring out the tricky part of the pattern for the alirtiq I’m sewing, on my own.

2. Awesome was purchasing a new book written by one of my favourite authors – Khaled Housseini. I’ve been waiting for this book to be written since I read his first two.


3. Awesome was watching people’s dreams come true. I searched “amazing auditions” on Youtube and came up with an abundance of auditions for such shows as The X Factor and American Idol. Among them were such amazing performances as this:


Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 137

1. Awesome was an evening of sewing with the ladies, and a successful start to my project – duffel alirtiq.

2. Awesome was not only finding bananas at the Co Op (I have not been able to find a single banana in Tasiujaq for 3 weeks now), but also arriving at the Co Op yesterday morning just as the manager was pushing out a cart full of free fruits and vegetables – some of which were on the verge of inedible, but most of which, in my opinion, was perfectly fine.

3. Awesome was the pouring rain. As sleep-inducing and dismal as it can be, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to really savour the sound of it splatter against the windows – a truly relaxing sound when you’re dry, cozy and warm inside with nowhere else to be.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 136

1. Awesome was finding a new sewing endeavour – a pair of alirtiq (duffel socks that are worn as lining of kamik). The sewing itself, I anticipate, will be easy, but the embroidering will be an adventure (I’ve never embroidered before). I’m ready for the challenge, though, as I enjoy learning new things.

2. Awesome was putting on a pair of pants and finding them no longer dangerously tight. Weight Watchers is paying off in more ways than just on the scale.

3. Awesome was an evening run in the snow. By now, you’d think I’d be fed up with snow, but knowing that a hot, humid summer in the Maritimes is just around the corner, I wasn’t bothered by the fat, wet flakes that fell upon Tasiujaq yesterday. I just savoured the cool, tingly sensation of them landing on my sweaty face as I ran.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 135

1. Awesome was a relaxing morning of drinking coffee, listening to music and writing letters to friends.

2. Awesome was a fun afternoon making suvalik with my friend Mary. Suvalik is an Inuit dessert made of berries and/or various fruit, suvaq (fish eggs) and misirak (aged seal fat). Nowadays, though, some people use oil instead of misirak.

3. Awesome was an evening reminiscing, speculating and just having a good laugh with a good friend.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 134

1. Awesome was another productive morning of cleaning and packing. Gradually I’m getting everything ready for my move to Kuujjuaq and my summer vacation in the Maritimes, and I’m able to do it so gradually that it doesn’t really feel like extra work at all.

2. Awesome was another spontaneous hike in the mountains and on the land, despite wind and periodic flurries and freezing rain.

Today 2Aqiggiq (ptarmigan) on the tundra.

Today 3Nirliq (snow geese flying overhead)

Today 4I call this “Toupee Mountain” because…well…it looks like it’s wearing a toupee.

3. Awesome were both a mid-hike snack picnic on a hill in the tundra (my friend surprised me with a delicious home-made cranberry date granola square) and a post-hike hot chocolate at my friend’s house.

Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 133

1. Awesome was a long (3.5 hour) evening walk to and from Atsatuujaq, with a little detour out onto the land. It was a nice, relaxing way to end an exhausting and somewhat frustrating day.

Marina 1
Marina 2

2. Awesome was receiving a surprise “thinking of you” card in the mail from my friend Heather. Even more awesome that it was homemade!

Marina 3

3. Awesome was, in a small and indirect way, making lots of little people’s day.