Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 108

1. Awesome was watching snow melt at warp speed yesterday. A little bit of rain and a 20 degree jump in temperature over the past few days has turned Tasiujaq into soup. With forecasts equally as rainy and warm, it’ll be a messy week, but finally, it’s Spring!

2. Awesome was finding a little bit of solace from the painful shin splints I’d been getting lately – the result of high-impact activity in a confined space on unsuitable surface in older shoes, I’d imagine. I’ve been using ice the past couple of days and find that it helped immensely.

3. Awesome was a change in workout scenery. Feeling unmotivated to workout at home, and unable to go for a comfortable run due to all the slush and water, I decided to go to the school gym where I’d have no distractions pulling me away from my workout. It was refreshing, not to mention a much more spacious place with a more suitable surface for marathon jump roping (thus helping my shin splint situation).


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