Daily Dose of Awesome – Day 103

I changed the name of my blog project. Afterall, I liked my first 100 days of awesome project so much that I started a second. After my second, I’ll likely start a third. There’s no reason why this project shouldn’t simply be a daily dose of awesome, with no countdown or expiration, and no goal other than to keep recognizing the awesome in my day-to-day doings for as long as I possibly can. With that said, since I’ve already written 100, I pick this project up at day 103.

1. Awesome was seeing my students significantly more relaxed and less panicky during yesterday’s regional exam practice. Soon, we will be starting the real regional exam, as mandated by the Ministere de l’Education in Québec. On Monday, when I introduced the practice exam, I sensed panic and intimidation in their uncooperation and lack of effort. However, by yesterday, we’d worked through enough of the activities in our practice exams (and even the evaluation rubrics) together for them to see that the real thing won’t be such a scary experience and that I’m there to help them get through it.

2. Awesome was feeling significantly less panicky myself. This is my first year doing the regional exam with my students, and I’ll admit, I found the thought of it to be a tad intimidating. Doing the practice exam activities this week was just as beneficial for me as it was for my students. Having worked through the practice exam activities this week with my students, as well as having spent time preparing some of the activities for the real exam, I see that won’t be such a scary experience and that the school board (namely, my pedagogical counsellor) is there to help me.

3. Awesome was seeing Eva, my 3 year old little buddy, yesterday during my prep period. She always makes me smile.


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