100 Days of Awesome – Day 92

1. Awesome was eating delicious country food (seal, ptarmigan, arctic char and bannock) with friends at the village feast.

2. Awesome was a semi-successful bannock-baking adventure. I wanted to contribute something to the feast, but didn’t have any country food. So I tried my hand at making authentic Inuit bannock.

I mixed up the ingredients and cooked up my first bannock. It looked almost perfect, until I realized I’d forgotten the oil. I mixed up some more and cooked up my second. The problem with that one was that I’d made it too thick, thus burning the outside while trying to cook it on the inside. The third I dropped on the floor. This left me with just enough dough for two more pieces which thankfully turned out decently enough to serve to the community. A bit to my surprise, it got eaten.

3. Awesome was an afternoon watching a dog sled race and picking red berries from the patch of bare land among the snow.

Race 1Tasiujaq from the hill
Race 10
Waiting for the race to begin
Race 12Ivakkak is ready
Race 13The Angnatuks prepare their dogs.
Race 6The Cains and their dogs.


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