100 Days of Awesome – Day 90

1. Awesome was teaching a perfectly smooth Music lesson yesterday morning. This was the second Music lesson I’d ever taught in my life, and I have to say that I can’t wish it could have gone any better. My students were so engaged and cooperative – more than I even expected.

We started with a bit of a review of our class rules and the vocabulary we learned just before leaving for Easter vacation. Then we learned the note naming mnemonics (Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, and FACE). After a bit of worksheet practice naming notes, I gave them their recorders and taught them notes B, A, and G (the top three holes).

2. Awesome was an afternoon out on the land learning how to build an igloo with one of the elders of the village (and the father of one of my students).

1 Igloo

Moses cutting and shaping snow blocks.

6 Igloo

I help fill in the cracks with snow from the outside.

14 Igloo

Almost finished (this took several hours).

15 Igloo
Moses cuts a hole and emerges from inside.

16 Igloo
I’m in an igloo!

My friend Mary and I inside the igloo.

3. Awesome was cooking a deliciously successful batch of chicken shawarma. In Moncton, I bought all the spices required (under the advice of the friendly cook at the Blue Olive – a Turkish restaurant/imported food shop). Unsure of how much of each to mix into a base of olive oil, I winged it, a bit nervous that I’d mess it up royally and concoct something intolerable. I didn’t though – it turned out deliciously!


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