100 Days of Awesome – Day 88

1. Awesome was the positive energy emanating from the school yesterday, as teachers returned from vacation for a pedagogical day. As we laughed together and shared bits of our various vacations, I felt both happy and thankful to be back.

2. Awesome was finding somebody to sew my kamik. She said it will take awhile, as she’s busy with a big family and work, and kamik take awhile to sew, but the fact that she’s willing to do it is awesome.

This is the gist of what I want:

KamikOnly I want the foot made of black with white on the top, and I want the lining made of red duffel with black, grey and white embroidery (and I want it made so it can be removed, whereas these kamik seem to have it sewn in). 

3. Awesome was receiving my new printer/scanner/copier, as well as some photo posters I’d ordered quite awhile ago. In case I never posted them, here are the posters (these are screen shots of the finished products just before I ordered them from the website):

Poster 1A compilation of my favourite photographs from the Tour du Mont Blanc (the hike in the Alps from France to Italy to Switzerland that I did last summer)
Poster 2My favourite photographs from Italy
Poster 3And my favourite photographs from France.

They go perfectly with the three I already have – one from Perú, one from China and one from Nunavik.


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