100 Days of Awesome – Day 83

1. Awesome was leaving the dentist’s office yesterday morning with sparkling teeth and no big problems.

2. Awesome was finding the perfect shade of green fabric to finish my project.

3. Awesome was finally finding, after a frustrating and fruitless hour sifting through this season’s rather hideous (in my opinion) fashions, a top to wear out to the bar tonight.

4. Awesome was, as I was leaving the gym yesterday afternoon, chatting with one of the front desk people. It always makes me feel part of a place when I get to know the people who work there – especially considering how infrequently I am able to go.

5. Awesome was coffee with friends at a nearby Tim Horton’s. Also awesome was listening to room full of buddies – old men who’ve probably been meeting there regularly for years – laughing and goofing around while I waited for my friends to arrive. They reminded me of my father and his buddies, years ago.

They also reminded me of this video. I’ve neither ever met these men nor been to this Tim Horton’s, but it made me smile:


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